Pet Owners

FREE home-made recipes for dogs and cats
  1. Select, download and modify appropriate home-made recipes from one of my published cookbooks  Start
  2. Create your own custom recipe that meets AAFCO guidelines and is properly balanced with Hilary’s Blend supplement for home-made meals  Start
  3. Find out how much Hilary’s Blend supplement to add to your own recipe to properly balance it to meet AAFCO guidelines  Start


Register to create medical recipes for your clients' dogs and cats
  1. Select an appropriate medical recipe for your client’s pet from one of my cookbooks  Start
  2. Modify a recipe from my cookbook, including ingredient substitutions/deletions and changes to batch size  Start
  3. Create your own custom medical recipes to meet altered nutrient targets specific to various medical conditions, properly balanced with the appropriate Hilary’s Blend supplement for home-made meals.  Start
  4. Use our nutrient targets for medical conditions or override our recommendations and set your own targets for individual cases.  Start
  5. Create custom recipes for dogs with multiple concurrent diseases.  Start
  6. Allow your clients to create custom medical recipes for their pets - you, the veterinarian, set the nutrient targets for the pet and the clientcreated recipes will be returned to the veterinarian for review.  Start